~: Discovery :~


ated each single letter sound in a word with a specific sensible dimension of exper-
ience, regardless of the language in which the word is used to make sense. Finding
this way to open up a word provided a natural explanation for why a certain word is
effective towards making sense at a certain moment: The dimensions modeled in the
word match specific dimensions of that which the mind is to carve out of the world.

The Egyptian literature presents evidence showing each of the following thirty-two
hieroglyphs involves a natural range of sense which may be prompted to become
active within the imagination through the pronounciation of a single letter sound.
A(E) a(i) i(h) h H b f s m sh wh/vh
a(h) u(h) E p t d (d)j z n ph th/th
O(h) w|u y/j q k kh g l r ch * | * | *

At this point, I must note that, from my earliest experiences of learning the ABC's ["a"
is for "apple," "b" is for "ball," ....], to my research into the historical and contempory
explanations of: 'how words work,' each single letter sound, or phoneme , spoken
within a language is considered the result of: 'how mouths work,' rather than one of
a set of natural cognitive prompts which are actually involved in: 'how minds work.'

The discovery which this essay has been written to show is that: the sense which a
word brings to mind may be opened out into a dimensional model of this sense such
that each sensible dimension assembled into the sense of the word may be evaluated
as a function of each single letter sound used in modeling of the sense of the word.


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