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Eureka, I found it!
But, unlike Archimedes , I wasn't really looking for what I found.
Socretes asked: How do you know you've found what your looking
~~ for if you don't know what your looking for to begin with? ~~



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The required reading that one must know to be awarded a degree in philosophy at
UCSB, put the study of language in the spotlight. The fact of the effective use of
language in human experience becomes a philosophic object when the test applied
measures the way a person explains the world, as, naturally, each way shows defin-
ite effects which matter in the world as the person acts with the explanation in mind.
My studies in the philosophy of language developed into an explanation which show-
ed me that each person's experience of: 'what really matters,' is carved out of the
natural surround in accordance with the words the person uses to meet the world.
As nature goes without saying, [and happens while no one is watching], the use of
words to open a way into nature, in the quest to test for reality, shows an orienta-
tion between what actually matters objectively and what truely matters subjectively.
My course work showed me that the study of words may be put to the philosophic
purpose of showing what is subjectively natural [or, goes without saying] in human
nature. Words may be made up, but they are not simply made-up; the nature of
words is shown whenever one makes a true observation from which one may act
towards a certain effect in what actually matters. Words really matter in 'the Mind.'
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