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The goal of etymology is to trace a modern word through the history of words to find
the root language sound which conveys the true sense the word. For example, each
of the modern words written: "tack," "whack," "ax," "access," and: "fact," involves the
pronunciation of the letter pattern written: "ak." The ancient language sound written:
"ak," was found to note the perceptually related definitions: "sharp," and: "point."
One may notice within the naturally sensed definition: 'sharp when touched,' that
the shape which one senses as: "sharp," is now seen as: 'finishing at a point.' The
sense of both: "sharp," and: "point," may be noticed as .sensible. dimensions
involved in the mental image developed as one imagines each dictionary definition .
given for the modern words written: "tack," "whack," "ax," "access," and "fact." ..
..... Another study shows the sound pattern written: "eghz," notes the sense of: "out."
One may notice a transition of focus within the natural definition of: 'sharp point,' as
one begins to see that the sharp end is now showing: "out." One's mental image ad-
justs within the sensed definition in accordance with the shift of orientation from the
naturally bound dimensions: 'sharp~point,' to the perceptually related dimension:
"out." This natural mental modification is noted in language as the vocal modification
from "ak" to "eghz." Mentally assembling the dimensions: "out," and: 'sharp~point,'
['eghz + ak'] develops the true sense that is made when the word: "exact," is made
to match the actual sense of the observation: 'This is equal to that.' As 'this meets
.that: out - (at a) sharp~point,' the sensed equality of the relation is "eghz-ak(t)."

Seeing this coordination provided an insight into the relationship between words and
the workings of the mind. The makeup of the sound pattern of a word really effects
the dimensional development of a true mental image of a factual experience; and
modifying the sound pattern modifies the dimensions assembled in the imagination.


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