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Yet, even though the mystique of this "lithophilic" civilization continues to radiate an
aura of genius, eminating from even a fragment of Egyptian hieroglyphs, most of the images depicted in a single glyph reflect either an ordinary moment, or a natural mo-
ment, of perception: is considered to depict a loaf of bread; depicts a wide brim drinking cup; depicts a mouth (in motion); depicts undulating water; depicts the sky; depicts a house; depicts a column; and depicts either a stool, or a mat, or the top view of the bottom stone of a column (a plinth).
To develop the sense of a word is to assemble the sense of that which is depicted in
each glyph. As the size of a is great, a made with s is a Great House.
Gardiner's Sign List shows the intelligence of these people; first, to be able to take
notice of a telling moment, and, then, to capture the moment in a telling glyph. That
is, the sense of the glyph involves the sense of a natural definition within which that
which is depicted is either ordinarily or naturally present. Whether depicting a stool,
a mat, or a plinth, a word written with the glyph: , involves the sense of: base. Eat-
ing bread sustains one's 'manifest existance,' so tells of the sense of: manifest.

As mentioned above, the scholars have shown that the letter sound pattern which a
specific glyph may prompt when read, may be either a single letter sound or a group
of single letter sounds. In many instances in which a glyph stores the sound of a letter
group the next glyphs in the pattern store the single letter sounds which compose the
group. For example, [pet] is often followed with [p] and [t] as:*
showing that the sense of: 'a base (relation) is manifest [p't], is present in |... .
an experience of the natural definition: 'to be above in the sky .' That is, when one is: "above," that which one is above of, is the base manifest as seen, now, from above.
Here, the logic of the hieroglyphs felt similar to the logic of the Indo-European roots.


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