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Turning to the letter sound pattern written: "r-a(h)," led me to: 'Ra - the Egyptian
god of the Sun
.' Rather than an intuitive leap to an Indo-European root, the litera-
ture gives the origin of this name as known: 'ancient Egypt.' Speculation regarding
the true sense of the sound pattern written: "r-a(h)," when spoken as a word in the
ancient Egyptian language, is eliminated. For a person who is fluent in this language,
the nature, and natural definition, of our Sun is perceived as: that Being who is Ra.
.....But this realization arrived only after my introduction to the study of a language
which has been with us since the dawn of history - or, to be exact, since the voice
met the eye at the end of the hand, creating that uniquely human activity: writing.

Here, as with the work which enabled me to explore the Indo-European roots of the
American language, the scholarship which brought us a sure voice to a reading of the
Egyptian hieroglyphs shows the real genius of the persons who provided this gift...
.....Jean-François Champollion is the person who is considered to have recognized
a pattern which coordinated a certain hieroglyph with the sound of a single letter or,
as in most instances, the sound of a letter group made up of two or three letters. The
Rosetta Stone juxtaposed a pattern of hieroglyphs above a document written in the
Greek of 200 B.C.; this document contained the names of several historically known
Pharaohs. Comparing these names written in Greek with each pattern of hieroglyphs
that had been set within ( an oval with a line on one end )|, Champollion was able to
decipher the name of Ptolemy [and, from other inscriptions, the name of Cleopatra,]
and to read a Pharaoh's real name, in the language of the ancient Egyptian people.

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