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On first look, most readers seeing the letter group written: "ra," would say: "r-a(h),"
but some may say: "r-A(E)." The sensible dimensions involved in each dictionary
definition of the word written: "ray," may be evaluated as: 'a motion from an origin
with a movement that goes (straight) out.' Tracing the history of the word written:
"ray," leads to the word written: "radius," which, in ancient Latin, may be spoken
to convey the sense of either: 'a rod,' or: 'a spoke' [that is, a rod which pokes out
(from an axle)]. As such, "ray," involves the sense of: 'a rod (which s/pokes out).'
Following the sense of the word written: "radius," led to the word written: "radix."

The Latin word written as: "radix," is considered to involve the sense of: "root." The
sense of: 'a rod which pokes out,' is naturally perceived in the sensible definition of:
'a root,' (as it pokes out of a seed). The Indo-European root of the word written:
"root," is noted as the letter sound pattern written: *wrad ['wr-A(E)-d'], of which
the letter group written: 'wr,' notes that one or more of the sensibly related dimen-
sions of: 'bend,' 'turn,' or: 'twist,' shows in the sense of the word written: "root," as
well (e.g., wrist, wrap, warp, wire). Here, one may notice that the sense of: 'a rod
which pokes out of an origin with an outward movement that shows bends, turns,
and twists,' matches the sensible dimensions actually outlined in the mind, as one
quietly perceives a root in nature (or, when tracing out a modern word to its root.)

This study of the letter group pronounced: "r-A(E)," shows a cognitive relationship
between a spectrum of natural definitions which involve a certain range of sensible
dimensions and the letter groups which orbit within the letter pattern: "(w-) r~d / t."
Learning that the root sense of: "ray," is literally grounded in the Earth through the
natural definition of: 'a "root,"' I turned to the letter sound pattern written: "r-a(h)."


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