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The end of the story goes something like this:
Realizing that the problem was solved when his questions were met with the
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[which, to him, immediately implied that: 'The King is not going to chop off my head.'],
Archimedes jumped out of his bathtub and ran naked through the streets of Athens shouting:
Eureka ! Eureka!
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The point here is that the solution arrived as a pattern of words which organized a pattern of experience
that was common sense for many persons living in this area at this time. Supposedly, the Greeks did not
bathe in water. They bathed in olive oil. [There is a famous statue of an athelete scraping his arm with a
sickle shaped tool to remove, not water, which would simply evaporate, but the olive oil that remained
on his skin after his bath.] Wealthier persons had a number of tubs, each one filled with a different
grade of refined olive oil. Starting with a heavier grade, they would progress through the series
to a lighter grade. In so doing, a person would rest lower and lower beneath the surface.
Thinking of his problem while bathing, lead to the concept of density and the theory
of bouyancy, and the rest is, so to speak, (ancient) history.

[ mass / volume = density | | If 'density-1' is smaller than 'density-2,' then, 'd-1' floats on 'd-2.']