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.. To one who is fluent, the sound heard as: 'a word,' opens up to show the sense of the word.
.. Similar sounds are heard in words which bring a similar sense to mind [set, sit, sat => seat].
.. The genius of language shows a method each person may use when seeking a word that fits.
.. Word sounds carry a 'family resemblance' showing that the 'letter sound pattern' now pro-
.. nounced as: 'a word,' has kept hold of a similiar sense, which may be traced back for many
.. generations, and may be found in the (written) languages of many (ancient) lands. | ex = out |
.. Now, letter sounds hold an ability to note a sensible element of natural perception, so, match-
.. ing the pattern of sense arising within one's experience with a pattern of letter sounds, makes
.. 'a word' that enables a person to 'make sense' of the pattern with the sense noted in the word.
.. An item may be set up to stand out so one may observe that it exists. |'ex-(i)st' is 'st-and out'|
.. However, 'sensible patterns' of experience have been had, but had below one's ability to tell
.. that one was actually sensing: 'a pattern of experience;' these experiences are truely 'subtle.'
.. Learning a new word may enable a person to 'think' a 'thing' that 'fits' a pattern of experience
.. which one has sensed intuitively; while free, or clear, of any and all words; as all children must.
.. Each (new) word brings one's sense of a pattern to one's power of intelligence, so one may
.. tell the way a pattern may be: 'sized up for what "it" is' - 'to tell what "it" really amounts to.'
.. Now, the person is more than simply aware of a pattern of experience that one has had. The
.. right word enables a person to comprehend the pattern as a single moment(um). Here, one
.. is beyond thinking through the natural train of sensibilies which is 'the pattern of experience'.
.. Speaking a word which comprehends a pattern, shows the person is able to tell the moment
.. the pattern is in mind. | Nomenclature is an intelligent way to tell that nature has a definite say.



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