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Pick a word, any word.
When the word that is selected is held out for observation, much may be said about it.

[e.g.: Physics]


[What is ... ?]
But, whatever is said about this word, will be spoken by using one or more other words;
that is, 'In other words, ....'. Entire books are filled with words and then titled with but one.

The patterns of experience presented in any oration ought to have a point. At this point, the
.. patterns of experience come together as a single idea; as a clear 'mental image' of the word(s)
. said; and, now, this 'mental image' may be named. Here, the name of this 'mental image' may
be called upon to remember this 'mental image'; and, then, what 'it,' as named now, implies.

Normally, the word a person picks to 'point out the issue' or, to 'cover the topic,' will be sel-
.. ected because the word 'makes sense' of a pattern of experience which has become develop-
..ed .within .the .person. .And, .as .the words shared between the speakers of a language give a of common sense (showing that the words, as used, 'make sense'), the sensible selection
.of a word by a person will usually match the sensibilities of the listening (or reading) audience.

When a person, who is fluent in a language, hears a word, the person hears the word against
the background of many of the other words which fill out the language. The person may say:
'That's a good word for it,' upon one's learning that: 'This pattern of experience is called ....'
The word 'sounds right' for the experience so named. [Pronouncing: fluffy, sounds "fluffy."]

..So, in a sense, each word is onomatopoetic . But having entered the intellect, this origin is
.. glossed over, as the words which come to mind work well together to 'get to the point.' That
... is, what may be said about a word shows the word as the name of a point in one's language.
... But, the point here goes to the 'nature of the sense' that is 'made' with a word, when a person
_ uses a word to 'make sense' of a 'mental image' which the word, at this point, is said to name.